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Project Africa is maybe world biggest reconstruction Project of Africas poorest áreas.

Project Africa is independent project that work to use latest high technology to create and build up a new productive Africa. Reason for the poor situation in the countries is usually economical and knowledge. Project Africa want to create a new economy with taxes so the countries can support them self. New economy will be based on attractive taxation system and cash free system all integrated in blockchain infrastructure.

Cash less blockchain infrastructure make it possible to create a system with keys in the hand. The countries administration can operate blockchain economical infrastructure with less knowledge of international or national economy. Blockchain infrastructure take care of all. When people get salary, and pay bills the blockchain take care of taxation and declaration. This is what Africa need a system that cannot be manipulated for each political change. Blockchain economy can be integrated with world market situations so it keeps updated for each market changes, interest rates, currencies and bonds.

Blockchain infrastructure is unlimited, our own imagination is the limit. Thanks to blockchain infrastructure the poor countries can get stability in their economy. This will need a Hugh work on to changes the country’s currency to a new currency for to register all cash in the system and same time come out with new cashless system similar to Sweden.

Our high-tech development of the country will give fast solutions in water and energy production + infrastructure. Basic idea is to make the countries productive and attractive places for foreign investments. By bring in latest technology in manufacturing and construction we build up the country to western standard.

We have seen examples from Dubai that impossible is possible. It is possible to build up a complete new world in absolutely nothing! Chinese build up 30-50 floor buildings in few weeks. 100km roads can be made in few hours. Thousands of houses can be built per day thanks to 3D printing construction. Together with all these technologies we can build up the country and make it productive. Lots of manufacturing needed for solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, prefabricated parts in construction, 3D printers for constructions. Many of the manufacturing processes can be semi or automatic processes. This for to make it possible to operate 24/7 and bring in economy to the country. There will be lots of work in new farming that will produce food to the country and for exportation. Vertical farming is an effective way of fast green food production.

Our project is planned to be financed in first stages by investors and next stage by mining or / and oil and gas production. Diamond/Gold mining is part of our construction process. Ming rests will be used as raw production for 3D printing construction. Our sun and wind energy plants produce also water and energy for 3D printed houses. The cost of each house will be very low or nothing. Our engineering will look into the possibility to build 3D printers that work faster and with more than one head.

Mining technology we plan to use is bucket mining. The mined area will be used for energy production. The batteries for to store electricity do not support heat. Mined underground will be used to store these batteries. Around these will be a water tank area that keep the area cold. Over these will be the plant for energy and water production.

Water is planned to be used in the mining process for 2 reasons. First one is for to keep the dust down and second to cool down the cutting/mining process. By cool down the process can run longer and faster. High pressure steam save water…

Later, project will finance itself from manufacturing processes, tourism, real estate, banking and finance.

Project Africa will now be an aid organization that will spread the word about this. Later, a construction entity will be established to take care of all construction in Africa. Part of the construction like free housing will be given to Project Africa aid organization.  Other part like office, tourism and factories will be under the construction entity.

Africa make today over: 1.3 Trillion USD a year. We look to triple this during next 10 years’ time! We also look to changes part of the 230 Million people’s life that today do not have every day food or water so all can have a common life with work, money, food and water.

It is also important to create economic stability in the countries so international investors and manufactures safely can start business in the countries. Big part of this is also planned to be done with latest technology. Drones can easy be programed and used to keep up security. In some countries, there is problems with internal criminal groups and bandits. Drone security system help to limit or end the problem. Drones is used already in military and security in many countries.

Drones also come more and more in mining…

We have some videos on our website that show these latest technology that we are talking about here…

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