Project Africa information!

Project Africa is maybe world biggest reconstruction Project of Africas poorest áreas.

Project Africa is independent project that work to use latest high technology to create and build up a new productive Africa. Reason for the poor situation in the countries is usually economical and knowledge. Project Africa want to create a new economy with taxes so the countries can support them self. New economy will be based on attractive taxation system and cash free system all integrated in blockchain infrastructure.

Cash less blockchain infrastructure makes it possible to create an automatic economic infrastructure. Money together with cashless will all be passed through blockchain system. All cash money together with the country currency in the blockchain system will create a safe economical structure. A safe economical structure is important for a safe economy in a country. When a country has a non-corrupt economy that creates a safe structure in and outside the country. A country gets a very good reputation and economy rise to international standards. New economical structure with a central bank that is part of Project Africa will create stability in the country. Blockchain structure can also take care of taxation, treasures, police economical frauds departments and customs. Most important part of Project Africa’s work is to create the economic stability in the country.

National salary:

National salary can be created in a very easy way in Africa. Only by raising the taxation of international mining company’s activity would help that in most countries people could have a national salary. We are talking about countries where people live on or less than one USD. By having a national salary of 100 USD/month to all in working ages would eliminate the hunger and suffer in most countries. Other financial options for this, see Production.

Example from Malawi, half of the people lives on 1 USD/Day. A national salary of 100USD/Month is more than 50% raise. In Malawi lives under 20 000 000 people, according to 2012 the labor force was 7.2 Million, we can count today 10 Million people. 1 000 000 000 USD/Month for national salary. Malawi export is today: 1.27 Bn but thanks to a negative import of 2.29Bn USD the country cannot survive. By clean up the economy according to Project Africa structure, we get higher values. Then increase mining activity and make the mining activity according to Project Africa norms: green mining activity. Mainly surface mining that does not affect as high damages in the nature. License and export fees should be raised. Tax on tobacco and other export may be needed. Only 1-2% more in taxes would make big differences.

Energy & water:

Energy production will be produced by solar panels and some parts also with wind turbines. We plan to reconstruct mined holes to energy/water plants.

Part of Project Africa is also to create scientific cities that create new high technology. Thanks to cheap and near or: 0 cost energy we get very atractive countries for to create new technology.

Each mining hole will be like an energy and water factory. Also, other technical production will be used in same mining holes like digital mining for blockchain structure. Eash mining hole will produce Energy, water, money. Thanks to the Hugh potential Africa have in empty land areas and space there is endless potential to build and construct new technologies and also manufacturing of new technology and robotic/automatic technology.

Technically the hole will be folder by a water tank. Inside the water tank, we will have the battery technology to conserve produced electricity from the sun and wind turbines. Inside this could be the computer system that keeps up the blockchain structure. These systems will also be in city halls, police and military bases, government offices and centers. Computers is not any computer that actually anyone is using. The computers will be connected to a network of other computers in the country. Each transaction or money move need to be accepted in the system by 3-10 check points of Millions of check points in Africa, depend on the amount of money and what and where the money goes.


Project Africa plan to use technology that been used in: China, Australia for fast infrastructure.

Very fast road construction:


Fast vertical farming will produce food in hot, dry areas. These food productions need much less water and many times no soil.

Production and manufacturing in Africa. Africa offer lots of space and possibilities for cost effective manufacturing of high technology products like: for energy, construction, manufacturing, robotic, communication and much more. Most of what we will produce in Africa will go to export. In many African countries we may be the biggest tax payer. But calculated that with nearly free space and energy + low cost hard working people we are happy to pay a higher tax.

Some of the manufacturing technology:

3D construction:

Future construction that is here:

Robotic manufacturing:

Drones technology for security and police forces.

There is examples in the Democratic Republic of Congo where legal forces fight against criminal groups. Drones can help police forces locate these groups, track down their activity with micro drones, find them with and take them down with security drones. A security drone can be armed with tasers / gas that help to stop a criminal groups activity. Then police forces can easily take them in with out use any force or risk for the police officers security.

By manufacturing much of the machinery, technology in Africa we will get potential products for export. Also by offering many of these company’s possibilities to produce their products and machinery cheaper in Africa would help up the economy.

Today 60 Billion USD is donated to Africa, year after year, 60 + 60 + 60 +60 and so on. Where is the results? Are you also tired of no results and organizations pump in more money for nothing? Project Africa could save entire African poor countries with one 60Bn USD donation.

  1. Economic reform.
  2. Food, energy and water production.
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Infrastructures
  5. Export.

Also, Project Africa goal is to make Africa an attractive place for international business and production. Project Africa have an own map and time for to reach the goal to changes Africas GDP from 1.3 Tr to 100 Tr USD by 2030. This is possible if all work on it and as many as possible join and support us.

Africa can easy be self-productive and in near future no need for any external economic aid. The World also need Project Africa to build up Africa. Africa could in 10 years time bring balance in World economy. Western economy going down, Africa could bring balance and things could be reversed in the future.

We are used to this today, it’s when people migrate from Africa.

But look at this page from 2nd world war time. People actually migrate from Europe to Africa.

We may soon need Africa again to keep up the balance in the world.

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