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Welcome to Project Africa!

We may be world biggest reconstruction project in Africa!

We believe that it is important to be an independent organization for to try to solve the deep problems in Africa. Project Africa is independent from Religion, politics, ideology. All members have their religion and all accept and respect other religion and political views. Our goal is not to changes the people’s way of thing, believe or do things in Africa. We believe that when people have food for the day, water and place to stay they won’t be fighting and joining any terrorist or criminal organization for to get daily needs.

Project Africa will bring in the toolbox and show people how to use it.

All starts with an economic and fiscal reformation. We like to introduce cashless economy in Africas poorest countries. The cashless economy will changes the economy from corrupt, untrusted and criminal to a safe level at international standards. This will end economical corruption, it will end the black market and in the final end, it will end the poverty. This will create a safe haven for international investors to invest in Africa when they have control over their investments and funds. Also important is for the country to get in control over their own economy. One big issue is that 81-90% of the businesses do not pay taxes. By cashless economy, they can cut the taxes before reach the businesses accounts.

By creating a new safe economic environment we will attract investors to the country that accept Project Africas project for the country. The safe economy will create production, construction, real estate and infrastructure, finance, energy, and communication. Most have only concentrated on rape the countries that see the benefits from to develop the countries to a similar level or higher as rest of the so-called western world.

Africa Holding will build up the commercial part of Africa and Project Africa take care of the poor areas and people!

One solar energy farm can bring electricity and water for 100 000 people.

By new tax reform that may bring lower taxes to businesses than today but more tax revenue for the country, we look into finance national salary. A national salary of 50-100USD/Person would eliminate poverty for good.

Cheap energy and 3/4D manufacturing will make it possible to beat other countries that have so-called cheap production. National salary eliminates slavery, child slaves, and many issues that come with poverty.

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