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We may be world biggest reconstruction project in Africa!

Project Africa goal is to eliminate the problems that affect people in Africas poorest countries. Thousands of children and people die every day because of no food, water, medicine.  Our goal is to use the latest technology to eliminate biggest issues and then make the country’s productive and safe haven for international investors and manufactures.

Africa has all that needs to be wealthier than any continent in the world. Our work is to help Africa to get on an international level in economy, production and wealth.

1: Economy reform. Most poor countries need an economical reformation. End the old economy and introduce a new economy based on cashless economy. Introduce a taxation system so the country has what needed to maintain the people and the country. To create a secure system all will be integrated into a Blockchain structure. This gives the country control over their money and also security for people. A plastic card is by the time many times cheaper and safer than printed money. There is also an easier way to use fingerprint system. Both are planned to use. For some countries that will have automatic production, we plan to introduce national salary on African level. Tax system needs to be reformed, mining companies should pay a minimum of 10% of tax from their export value. VAT needs to be introduced.

2: Infrastructure. Most countries need a new infrastructure. We will use latest technology to 3D print houses and pre-fabricated arts to houses and fabrics+ energy sources. The latest technology will be used for to build up the road network. Planned is also to build up railroad network. Road trains will also be introduced where needed. In construction technology, we will use much robots and drones to build. Main source still humans.

3: Food: We want to introduce vertical plantations without soil. This is like a healthy fast food fabric. We will also exchange many dry areas to green areas.

4: Water: Our energy production plants will produce electricity and Millions of liters of water per day. This in the dry desert. Dry desert areas can be built to energy and water production sites.

5: Production: We will build fabrics and in many countries possible that fabrics will ne fully automatic and robotic. We can produce latest high technology like robots, drones, solar energy, wind energy, batteries, 3D and future 4D printers. These will be huge export potential for the countries. We will use them in Africa but mainly for export. In dry desert is possible to build up automatic manufacturing sites.

More real examples on our video site.

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Did you get our visit/business card. Do you want to join our summer party? Can you participate in anyway: African music, food,organisate people, security and much more. Also if you wantto join our party, contact us: mail@project-africa.net and we send information.. 

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