About Us

About Project Africa:

Project Africa is world biggest reconstruction of 24 of Africas poorest countries. Some of the countries already started to recover by them self to an economy of western standard. 

Project Africa goal is to changes all 24 poor countries economy to a cashless economy similar to Sweden. Sweden had huge benefits from cashless economy. We all know that cash cost Billions to handle, secure, count, register, deliver and circulate, Small country as Sweden with under 10 Million habitants survive the European crisis and got Swedish: Handels banken nominated as one of the world strongest banks. Swedish economy boomed many years thanks to cashless economy, the currency SEK have been strong against €uro.

Project Africas idea is to use the Swedish model in Africa. By changes the economy from cash to cashless would save millions in the poor African countries. By changes the economical structure from cash to transparent cashless economy we create transparency to the nations in the country. People or/and media can see what and who use the governments money. If corrupt leaders misuse the funds in anyway the people will know that. All will be open and visible for everyone on the Internet. This give the power to the people in the country and the justice system to make the final changes that needed in the countries. 

The economic and fiscal electronic and program will be non manipulative. It will be managed / secured / served outside the country. Mainly the system is fully automatic like todays western world financial systems. This also because Africa today cannot provide an secure working safe Internet system for a governments economical international structure. 

Idea is to create an economical safe haven for international investors and wealthy people. This will create a boost on the economy and production.

One of the biggest problems today is that 80-90% of the businesses do not pay taxes. With cashless economy businesses get taxes cut of before funds reach the business accounts. Same time businesses get access to international world markets and finance. 

This is only the first phase of Project Africa. By creating a safe economical environment for all we get to the start positions of Project Africa.  Our huge ecological process starts now by convert old mining areas to energy and water production plants.  To convert desert areas to new city areas with: education, hospitals, food production ( vertical farming), security, government offices, commercial centers, financial centers, offices and business centers. By using Chinese construction technology together with our pre-fabricated buildings we can produce 60 floor building in 3 weeks. By having own cheap energy source like solar farms we and manufactures get access to cheap energy. By offer the possibility to use automatic robotic manufacturing that work 24/7 manufactures get competitive production at international level. Robots or automatic production that take work from humans will pay taxes. This all will create a boost in the tax revenue and we can now finance a national salary to citizens in the country. Today many live under 20 USD/Month. By have a national salary of 100 USD / month we will end poverty in this country. 

In the Project Africa include much more but by have come this far we get into the second phase of constructing new city centers, new roads, new communication system, transport systems and much more.

Project Africa is in start up position and need all peoples help. By changing the status in Africa from poor to wealthy we all will benefit from this. Today we are getting millions of refugees from Africa and it is growing. Politics and world organizations have lost control over Africa. 

Africa and the world need Project Africa as an independent organization from any politics, religion, or ideological views.  

We need everyones help on this. By joining as a support member you can help us to stop poverty in Africa.  Join us now!!!