About Us

About Project Africa:

Project Africa is world biggest reconstruction of 24 of Africas poorest countries. Some of the countries already started to recover by them self to an economy of western standard. 

Project Africa goal is to changes all 24 poor countries economy to a cashless economy similar to Sweden. Sweden had huge benefits from cashless economy. We all know that cash cost Billions to handle, secure, count, register, deliver and circulate, Small country as Sweden with under 10 Million habitants survive the European crisis and got Swedish: Handels banken nominated as one of the world strongest banks. Swedish economy boomed many years thanks to cashless economy, the currency SEK have been strong against €uro.

Project Africas idea is to use the Swedish model in Africa. By changes the economy from cash to cashless would save millions in the poor African countries. By changes the economical structure from cash to transparent cashless economy we create transparency to the nations in the country.