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We help, we act, we doo. 

We work locally here in southern Spain to inform refugees in Africa to stay in their country and fight. Here in Spain we workon to educate the basics to refugees and work to get refugees return back to their country and fight for their rights. Project Africa worldwide work together with other providers to build up a new controlled economy in Africa. 


We provide creative solutions!

The creative solution is information. We inform people in Africa about the reality of to be a refugee. Criminal organizations paint up that Europe need refugeesm that in Europe there is, work, home, money waiting for refugees or anyone that want to come. 

We provide information about the hard violent reality. Violence, prostitucion and slaves under criminal organizations.  Life start in a over full refugee camp that has 5 times more refugees than there is space for.   Politics and European union failed and big. The resonsibility is to take care of own house and own people first. Then look if there still is more left to help others.  Creative solutions is to inform refugees of the risks before they get into the trapp.  Creative solution is to give them ways to get a better future by return  to their home country before they get into slavery in Europe. It is not hummanity to tell families and children to come to Europe and get help. People and children dies during the thousands of long kilometer trip. Is this hummanity? 

Ebola Import

With help othes more than our self we put humanity in risk. Ebola was expected to disapeard but made come back. Now Ebola is in North Democratic Republic of Congo. There is according to some numbers up to Million people come illegally to Europe. Many comes from Africa. We cannot help Africans by import them to Europe. We need to stop this and work on where the problem is!!

Creative Solutions

It is actually very easy solution for to end the poverty. Only by using about 10 year old technology for transparent cashless economy can easy be implanted in Africa. People in Africa already use cashless economy by top up mobile phones and pay with mobiles. People with money live a very insecure life and this for many use mobile phones. With a transparent cashless economy the people and government get in control over the economy. Today up to 90%of businesses do not pay taxes. With cashless government could in automatic way cash in taxes before the funds reach the accounts. Thanks to transparency citizens can see who used governments money and for what. This help to get corrupt people front of justice. 

End the poverty!

By creating a new safe economical haven we get lots of investors and manufactures to Africa. This will increase the tax revenue with thousands of %. A small part of this will be used to pay poor people  a citizen salary of 100 USD/Month.  For to finance this there is only a need to raise the tax with a fraction. What country will be the first to end the poverty? 



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