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Join us as a support member. Why join as a support member? Think about our project, we will end the poverty in Africa. We will do that should be done hundreds years ago, make Africa a place where people can stay and live in so no need to escape outside Africa. Changes the status on the African countries from poor to good. Make Africa independent from outside help. How do you think this may affect on your business images that your business is one of them that supported the end of the poverty in Africa? When media make reports they first get to the website news section and follow the news,what when they each time look at the huge progress Project Africa make see your business banner? Would this make a positive changes of images for your company?? News: …. Project Africa got the government to introduce national salary and the end of poverty in country….. sponsored by: your company banner. News: Project Africa boost the economy and build up first 100 000 houses with clean water and electricity in country and city: Sponsored by your company banner. As an company or corporate support member you will get huge benefits. There is different levels of support membership:

Diamond level: As a #1 supporter you get a leather jacket with our logo on the back (see our background images) and gold colored #1 Supporter, on front. The jacket is tailor made for you. If you want other text or logo as well there is a possibility add this for free. Our back logo will have the text:Project Africa supporter and our website: You also get 4 window ads that you can put on your business or car. You get 2 magnetic ads with same images and text that you have on your leather jacket.You get 2 caps with the same images and text Cap and jacket have a small golden frame around the images to note that you are #1 supporter.Your company banner will be on all Project Africa’s websites and on our social-media and emails we send out. . This for 50 000 EUR/GBP/USD supporters. The currency is according to where you live.Diamond level also can connect to our weekly meetings and follow the meetings live. #1 Supporters will always have access to call The President or Vice President of Project Africa. There is also huge benefits and priorities for #1 supporters if they want to live or do business in Africa.

As a Gold level supporter you get one leather jacket with our logo on the back with text: Project Africa supporter and with website: . Gold level get your company banner on Project Africa front page and on our social media pages. Gold level get a cap as well with our logo but without #1 and golden frames.Gold level get 4 ads to put on windows with no #1 supporter and no golden frame but with Project Africa supporter and This all for 25 000 EUR/GBP/USD.

Silver level supporter get a cap with our logo on it and and company banner on front page banner carousel and one time on our social-media page. Also the company banner as all top level supporters get on our supporter page: 10 000 EUR/GBP/USD. Bronze (Basic) Supporter get the name of the company on Project Africa supporter page: 1000 EUR/GBP/USD: Individual Supporters: You get your personal name on supporter page: from: 100 EUR/GBP/USD.

Contact by email us: or call: +34 643 672 696 or or WhatsApp: +34 693 778 460