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Would you like to see a new Africa? An Africa where kids do not need to fight against hunger? Would you like African people to have all that we see as basic needs: water, food, place to live??

20 EUR/USD a Month would make a big difference.

As a support member, you will get access to our support member page.  At support member page you can follow our progress and many times live. You can also comment and make questions on support members page. You will also see a time frame for different parts of the project.

Example at this moment: 05-10-2017: We are in contact with Sierra Leones government. We posted a tailor-made plan/presentation to Sierra Leone’s government contact persons.

We also work with Malawi. Our negotiator is stranded in South Africa and wait for to get funds to travel to Malawi and present Project Africas solution for Malawi.

Your support is very important for Project Africa and Africa’s future.

Stop hunger, stop refugees from Africa, give them a life, join now!

Easy to join, use the form and you get a email with paypal and stripe link for payment.

When we received payment you will send you access to support members page! Any questions call, whats app, or email us on the email you receive when registering as a support member. Look in your trach e-mail if you do not receive anything in 24 hours.