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Welcome to Project Africa!

Welcome to Project Africa, The end of poverty in Africa.

Our work is to create a new controlled economy in Africa.

Controlled economy bring in more tax revenue.

More tax revenue to use to build up the country.

Secure economy bring investors.

More revenue that can finally be used to end the poverty.

A national salary of 100 USD/Month to each poor citizen end the poverty. 

We work for to create an independent and self financed Africa. 

We work to end the refugees from Africa. 

We work onto inform African refugees to stay and fight for your rights!

Thousands of refugees never get there and others die during first year as refugee. The solution is not escape. Thousands that escaped ended up as slaves in criminal organizations. Many of these would still be alive if they would stay in their countries and fight for their rights!

Our local work in Spain is to inform African countries and African refugees of the possibilities to return to their country or to others to stay in their country. Also we work on a possibility to educate refugees here in Spain to read, write and math. This would give them much better options in life when returning. 

We are not for racism we are for humanity. We all is the same only difference in colors. We like much colors but they need to be in right place to fit in. Bad mixt of colors make things worst.

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