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Project Africa is an independent from: UN, Religion, Ideology, Politics organizations. Our main goal is to end poverty in Africa and make African countries productive and independent. The main issue in Africa is not that Africa is poor. Over 50% of diamonds comes from Africa, on this we have Gold, Oil and other important metals that needed in electronic industry..Africa should be one of the richest continent in the world. So why Africa is not the richest? Problem is how the economy is handled and by who. During the history African countries have mainly been managed by people that want only their own benefits and not the peoples. But this issue is same all over the world. Is there a fix to this problem. Yes, there is..

We know that many international organizations tried during the years but failed and deeply. These organizations admit today that they lost the grip over Africa. Our mission is not to changes the way of how people in Africa: Think, do, believe in what they think, talk and doo. We believe that this will come by the time and with the education system. When people can read, write and count they can see and understand how things is done in other countries and continents.

Project Africas idea is to use similar idea as Sweden done for years ago too build up an transparent cashless economy. This is what Africa need, a transparent cashless economy. The good thing is that in many of the poorest countries cashless economy is already in use. Some countries like Rwanda is already building up a cashless economy and a smart Africa. Many of the poorest countries have mobile payment system that people use. Similar that we are working on to build up but in larger scale and possible to use and pay from bank account.

Transparent cashless economy make it possible from day one on for the government to get money. Today 80-90% of the businesses do not pay taxes at all. With our cashless economy these businesses will need to pay taxes. This make it possible to quit taxes for individuals. But by introducing VAT on goods, but not on food or water the government will get positive tax revenue.

Transparent cashless economy will make it economically more secure for investors and actors in Africa when they will have control over their own funds. Transparency will give the power to the people. People can see what the government is using money for and who is using. If any issues people can act according to the information they have.

Project Africa will be much ecologic project. The project is much like a domino, all pieces fall in place with final result.

Example: convert old mining caves to energy and water producing centrals. By tapping the cave with solar panels we get a huge area for battery to conserve energy. Part of the solar panel area will be for to produce water. There will be produced millions of liters of water every 24 hour. From the dead mined cave area the pipelines goes to the city areas that will be built with pre-construction technology by 3 D printing pre-constructed pieces. The raw material will come from cleaned rests from the mines and mining industry.

Today the 3D printing construction technology made it possible to find cheaper and more effective 3D printers. This make it possible to print up a city in similar speed as the gigante city areas in China. In our concept we have food producing buildings thanks to vertical farms in the center part of the buildings. With Chinese technology we can build up 30 floor houses under a months time. With a vertical farm inside the building that clean the air and make the air fresh + give possibility to have fast fresh food for every one that live in the building.

All this that we will do in Africa can sound very new for many but this have existed for many years in Asia.

Project Africa is the main organization and registered according to Spanish law with acta de sociedad in 2017. We are very transparent and want all to be clear of what we are doing, what money is used for and what we need money for. The economy in 2017-2018 was 900€ for both years together, We have used the money for to host these websites, social media pages, communication with our country leaders in African countries. We had weekly meetings with the leaders here in Spain and with the country leaders in African countries.. In 2018 the work stopped because of no more donations and no economy and no more time from the International management team to work on Project Africa.

We are still in same situation but continue slowly ahead.

We started 2018 our support membership program: We wanted to give the option to people and businesses to join us in more vissible way and also get something for the money.. This is why we created the support membership program. It works similar to any sport club support membership but in more larger way. More at the support us page. We had some problem with scammers in our own international management team that we clean up. We also needed to clean up time to time the African management team. We do not accept any racism in Project Africa. Between all leaders need to be deep respect. We do not accept disrespectful way of act in Project Africa. Now many that know Africa think that this may be impossible. But we have 2 big country leaders that act in good way and one built up biggest part of the African management team: Country by country. Now we have 2 active countries with own board members and activity, that is: Rwanda and Burundi. We also have representatives in: Tanzania, Malawi. Democratic Republic of Congo and few more.

All is volunteer based, but it is very clear that with no money there wont be much movement.

What we need is 2000 USD monthly for the leaders in Africa to be able to work full time on this, We also need 5000 € a month to be able to work full time here in Spain for to keep up the organization. 5000€ is the salary with social security in Spain. On this we need office, furnitures, computers, printers, faxes. So we are not talking about millions per month.

Goal is to have an international conference in Malawi: Project Africa, the end of poverty.

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To contact us use the contact us page..



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