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World biggest reconstruction of Africa

Welcome to Project Africa!

Suomeksi – Finnish

Project Africa is an independent from: Country, Religion, Ideology, Politics organizations. Our main goal is to end poverty in Africa and make African countries productive and independent.

Project Africa is in 2 part. One is the international part here in Spain and other is the African part.

International part work to help refugees that came to Spain voluntary return back to their home country. Our videos at refugee site and on our Facebook page show  experience from some refugees that life as refugee in Spain is much harder than stay and fight in their own home country. We work on to to get funds for the project to return refugees. Our idea is that give each refugee a possibility for a good new start in their home country. This can be done:

Give refugee funds for to be able to start a new life in their home country. One example is: 1000€ paid every month during 10 months in their own home countries bank. This give the refugee possibility to pay for a home or land or start business for to support his family and life and to stay and live in the home country. This benefit can only by used one time and to receive benefit the refugee need to register him self as beneficiary in a volunteer way with finger print and face recognizing. The registration will only be for that the refugee apply for this help and not an ethnic or racial or refugee register for thereby is according to the rules of register a person.

International work is also to inform refugees who cross the border about our program. Refugees that is free and not slaves in criminal organizations are welcome to our local education program. We plan to educate refugees in read, write and count during the time we work on to find a solution for their return. But for security reason we accept only refugees that are free and not part of criminal organization.


Project Africa in Africa.

Project Africa work with local country leaders in Africa to inform political leaders in Africa about Project Africa’s solution for to make their country profitable and end poverty.To make country profitable need a controlled economy. Controlled economy can be done according to the Swedish model of economy. Sweden use so called transparent cashless economy. This give the controlled economy that help the government to keep control over taxes and funds. Today 80-90% of the businesses do not pay taxes.With this economy the taxes is cashed out before the funds get to the accounts. This will give a +80-90% tax revenue from start.

Corruption is normal in today’s Africa. With a secure controlled economy the economical corruption can be nearly completely eliminated. With a secure economy and good taxes there will come investors that will bring in more investment and production that will increase tax revenue. Today many countries invest in Africa as development program but do not bring in taxes. What Africa need is income in form of tax revenue and this in form of controlled economical and fiscal system that make all non corruptible..

With an increase in tax revenue there is possibilities to pay a national salary to all citizens. The economical cashless and fiscal structure see who is in need and who is not and will automatically pay to the ones that is in need. A national salary of 100 USD / Month / person in a country where GDP is under 100 USD/ Person ( 20 African countries have under 100 USD/GDP/Person ). This would not need huge investments to make it possible.

Project Africa’s work do not stop here.

Att this moment we will together with a commercial partner start to build up the country. We will use 3D printing construction technology. Plan is to tap old mining areas and caves with solar farms and use rests from the mining activity as cleaned raw material for to 3D print homes. Also plastic rests can be used as binding material for to build new homes. New roads will be build as well, for this is planned to use Australian technology of fast road construction. New business and financial districts will be constructed as well new manufacturing areas that will be tapped by solar farm will be built. In some countries we recommend to use automatic robotic manufacturing. This factories will produce 24 hours a day and 7 days a week non stop. Here the robots pay taxes and tax revenue is guaranteed. 

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