Project Africa creator & manager: Jussi Myllymaa


Owner of: International Business Club /  Video Guide Me


Member of The International Management team: Tuula Annelie Antila


From: Saritsa Foundation.

Area:International General management.

Francess AW Cookson

Member of The International Management Board.

Area: African and European Management.





Francis Jones Ezeileoba

Member of The International Management Board.





Project manager: Justinas Sadzevicius

Organic fertilizer.

Project to changes dead desert into a green productive area.

Hannu Rissanen

Collaborator with Project Africa.

Project Africa African Management Team.

Apply to African Management team by email us at: .


Members of African Management Team.

Austine Scotch Gondwe

For Malawi.

Austine work as a representative for Project Africa for Malawi. This to communicate and inform Malawi about Project Africa’s solution for Malawi.