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Welcome to join as support member..

This support member program and other paid programs on Project Africa is managed by Costa Office or Free Digital World. All payments from these programs goes direct to 3rd part and not to Project Africa. 3rd part marketing companies. 3rd part marketing companies provide webspace and IT support + activity on internet and socialmedia as well donate to Project Africa..

Donations on donation pages: around 90% goes to Project Africa, rest is taken by donation platforms, stripe, banks..

Support levels and benefits.

Your name here can be your personal name or company or any name you select. Same in your banner. If you do not have a banner Free Digital World can make one for you for free.


  100 000 €/$: As a Platinum member you get your name at the top of the front page banner area and on each page on Project Africas website and also on all Project Africa socialmedia sites. You also get your name or banner on all our email communication / traffic. You will also get a tailor made diamond shape leather jacket with text: Project Africa Top Supporter.


50 000 €/$: As a Diamond level member you get your name on the front page banner area with banner or video banner. You also get your banner on Project Africa socialmedia pages as Facebook, Twitter.. Your banner will be repeated showen on Social media pages. 


25 000 €/$:  As a gold member you get your name or company banner on all sites but not front page and you get on our Facebook page and twitter page.  


10 000 €/$: Silver member you get your name on the website support page with company images/banner or presentation. 


1000 €/$: Bronce level member you get your name at the support us page..


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