Project Africa for refugees.

Here we want to inform you about the reality about to be a refugee.

SEE THIS VIDEO: This refugee came to Spain and was surprised that life was so hard and all was sol expensive. He had lots of difficulties to make the living and could not send back any money at all to families at home. Finally he return to home country in Africa and now do not want to hear anything about better life in Europe.He do not recommend anyone to try to be a refugee.

Refugee kidnapped and torture. Family need to pay ransom for the son to get free. All did not have same luck.



Project Africa – refugee work to send back refugees to their country of origin. The solution is not to rescue refugees and bring them to Europe, solution is to bring them where the refugees come from. Ships shoud send back refugees to the beach where they left from, this is most secure and fastest way to stop refugees. Most of the rescued refugees do not get permission to live in Europe but thghey are already in Europe and usually escaped in Europe with no perĀ“mission or papers. This feed slavery in criminal organizations. Most of these refugees want back to their home country but it is already to late. They are now slaves in growing criminal organizations and out of help. Jail or grave is usually next stop for many.

Project Africa – Refugee program look to send back refugees to their original country. In that country we look for to pay each refugee an aid of 1000 EUR/ Month during 10 Months. This aid can only be received in cash in the refugees own bank in country of origin. The refugee get possibility to start a new life. People come from countries where salaries is many times under 100 EUR/Month. This aid will help together with Project Africa local office in the refugees country to find a place to live, invest money in a plot to grow food or buy a cow or invest inn start local merchancy. Important is to see each refugees capacity and needs.

Project Africa – Refugee looks for more volunters for to educate refugees to read and write in the refugee camps. Refugees get much bigger possibilities to survive when they know the basic of life..

Project Africa is a non rasistric organization and work for humaniarian solution and beter living for the poor ones.