Join us:

There is many ways to join us! All is volunteer workers and work without any economical benefits,aid or help. To join as volunteer you should answer some questions.

To work as volunteer you need to have your own economy in condition. We do not give any kind of economical support.

As a country leader you need to be prepared to build up a board of leaders in your country and work hard for to get out with our project to the people of your country. Talk with media, have public talks to the people, talk with mayor and local political leaders and if / when possible to the President him self.  We do not have any use of passivity, passive country leaders will not produce anything. If you are member of other organizations you should compare what other organizations with Project Africa solution for your country and then go after that. It is important to make priority in what give biggest benefit for the future.

You need to treat all members in all countries with highest possible respect. Any un-respectful act will result in ending all relations with Project Africa.

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