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We like to tell one example of that each donation is of value.

Project Africa operate in 12 countries in Africa + head quarter in Spain. Project Africa’s concept is to create a new controlled economy in Africa with a Swedish model of cashless economy adapted to Africa. Cashless economy is nothing new in Africa, many countries people use mobile payment than cash. A Mans life is nothing worth if he has money in cash. By building up existing economy with cashless so people get access direct from their accounts to a device is not to complicated with technology. We have providers ready to step in and start to build up an semi automatic transparent cashless economy in Africa. This give the power of the economy to the people. People can now see who in the government use the economy and for what and when. Our idea is to use 10-15 years old technology that is perfect and lite technology for Africa and do not need occupy much space, effect, power. Project Africa is also biggest ecological project. Idea is to changes old dead mining caves to energy and water producing platforms. By tap the mined area with solar panels that also produce water (Yes, old technology, nothing is new in west ) we can protect battery area and water tank inside the cave and distribute it in same pipe lines. The raw material from the mining caves will be cleaned and used for our 3D printing house production. Free solar energy and raw materials make the housing project very cost effective. All plastic waste will also be used as raw material for 3D printing. The housing area can be tapped by solar panels and same time shades the living area and give energy. Vertical farms will produce food. Vertical farms need 95% less water than traditional farming. We hope that everyone of you can support our work for a better future for us all. We started a fundraising campaign, the company or person that donate most will get their name on our front page. Others will get their names on a VIP page. The donations is made to Project Africa, not to me in person. Cash donations is made to me in person. Each donation get a receipt of the donation and amount with our charity tax reg number.

Donations open up direct to payment providers secure payment page. No payments is done direct on Project Africa’s pages. 

Donations is made to Project Africa.

Spanish tax registration number: G93690279 

Address: C/Iglesia 58. 29640 Fuengirola.MA. Spain

For security reason we do not have donation form direct on website. Fill in your name and email and you will get an email with donation options and link to a secure payment.



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