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The donation goes to operate Project Africa in HQ in Spain and for to be able to start refugee return project. Refugees cost Europe Billions of Euros. Many of refugees never made it to Europe. Many of who made it end up in slavery for criminal organizations. Project Africa want to return refugees to their country of origin with some funds for them to start a new life. We counted that at this stage with our very lite organization that the cost of return each refugee could be at 20000 EUR. What we want is that each refugee get a new start of their life. Our idea is to pay 1000 EUR/Month during 10 Months. This payment can only be received in cash in the refugees home countries bank. Remember that refugees come from countries with salaries around 10-100 EUR/Month.This will give refugees a second changes and possibility for much cheaper than  pay 300 000 EUR. But we need your help to get there..

In the second phase of Project Africa we work on to create a new controlled economy similar to Sweden. This will create security and safety for people thanks to a controlled transparent economy. Foreign investors can invest more securely and have control over their funds and investments. If investment disapear investors can track them and fix the problem. This is very important stage in Africa to control the corruption to make it possible for African countries to be developed in secure way.. 

Donations open up direct to payment providers secure payment page. No payments is done direct on Project Africa’s pages. 

Donations is made to Project Africa.

Spanish tax registration number: G93690279 

Address: C/Iglesia 58. 29640 Fuengirola.MA. Spain

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