Welcome to our Ambassador program.


As an ambassador your work is to contribute for to Project Africas vissibility and fundraising. Ambassador program is atthe moment free and volunteer. After proven activity that benefit Project Africa you will get a diploma with your photo and name on.

There will be different levels on this because different persons bring in different results.


Ambassador level is the start level where you bring in contributors, collaborators and make our work known in the world by email and spread our project and website to media and others of interest around the world.

Golden Ambassador:

As a golden ambassador you have bringed in contributors or network of contributors that donation capital level is superior to 1 000 000 USD in 12 months time.

Diamond Ambassador:

At this level that is at the moment top level you bring in a donation that is superior 50 000 000 USD. You also bring in contact high network of contacts.

To join our ambassador program

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Or welcome to contact: